The key to successful pursuit of our cause are the values that define members of the Black African Vanguard.


Stay on course for the course


Don't repeat the same mistakes

Jamie Oliver, his Jerk rice meal package and Dawn Butler.

Ok, so Jamie Oliver, a well known English chef creates a "punchy jerk rice" ready made meal. He already has numerous cooking products and ready made meals on the market, Fiery Harissa and Curried Chickpeas to name a few. But then, Dawn Butler, black MP and Labour shadow minister for women and equalities, tweeted the following:

Young women protesting against Donald Trump at rally.

There's some good white people, this is the most common sentiment that is expressed by black people whenever the subject of white people (of European descent) is brought up. Before long, they are outright rejecting any notion that white people may have even a hint of malice and soon turn defensive when any type of comment, negative or positive is said about white people.

Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth holding sceptres.

Today more than ever we are seeing the true realization of European imperialism, this manifests itself in decisions such as Brexit and the general growth of centrist and right parties throughout Europe, although, to be clear, it is not only the right that spreads imperialism or has an imperialist mindset.

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