In Britain - The Imperialist Mindset

Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth holding sceptres.

Today more than ever we are seeing the true realization of European imperialism, this manifests itself in decisions such as Brexit and the general growth of centrist and right parties throughout Europe, although, to be clear, it is not only the right that spreads imperialism or has an imperialist mindset. On arrival at the Finland train station in St Petersburg, Lenin said, "The people need peace; the people need bread; the people need land, And they give you war, hunger, no bread – leave the landlords still on the land… We must fight for the social revolution, fight to the end," that was just over 100 years ago, but those words still ring true today.


The imperialist, just like the subjugated, feels no guilt for the crimes they are perpetrating and take no responsibility for the devastation they cause. In the case of the subjugated this can be explained by the fact they have become psuedo robots lacking the necessary consciousness to effectively organize and oppose their systematic oppression, for the imperialist there is no such excuse.

Who are the imperialists

The first question we have to ask ourselves is; who is this imperialist? There are the more obvious participants, such as the capitalist governments, aristocracies and their supporters, big business, corporate fraudsters, and the military forces that have consistently followed orders from upstairs no matter how absurd. The police, being a civilian force, cannot be placed in exactly the same category as the military, they are more of a wayward group that often fail to carry out their duty to the people. These people are organized and dedicated to their cause, the subjugation of the people, a cause that is primarily economically motivated. Unfortunately, for many in this group, there is no way to remove this iron will they have to keep us oppressed. Then there is the question of the bourgeoisie and the middle classes, this group represents the majority of the country today, from the person sitting next to you on the train to the local shopkeeper. We must look closely at what the Russian revolution viewed as the bourgeoisie, the subsequent evolution of society in that time, and make a clear distinction as to what that middle class is today in Britain. There is no point in trying to use the exact same classifications as a hundred years ago, even during the Russian revolution the Bolsheviks deduced the differences of contemporary society to that of the time of Marx and adjusted their tactics as necessary. The average person in this country today must be defined as middle class bourgeoisie, this classification is simple once it is taken into account what is considered normal. Normalycy in British society is defined by the middle classes, and those same people are what allow imperialism to flourish. Any attempt to deviate from the chosen path of the imperialist rulers is considered extreme and radical. This radicalism is not the same as that of teenagers having trends they follow and subsequently grow out of, in fact in an effort to further pacify our minds, these 'phases' have been integrated into what can now be considered the norm. What I am referring to is a refusal, not an inability, a refusal to accept how they are contributing to the subjugation of millions around the world. Anyone who has this attitude must be considered an enemy of progress with an imperialist mindset. It follows, that because they reject this categorization of themselves, they consider the people that think of them in this way to be 'not normal', that is to say, to be deluded. The paradox here being that many of those who have this understanding of the imperialist psychology are unable to see what these people, the imperialists, think of them. 

In Britain, this means large swathes of the population must now be categorized as of the imperialist mindset and as we know they refuse to accept this, they will therefore not accept the inevitable quest for freedom sought by the oppressed, in fact they will fight bitterly to prevent it and maintain their status as oppressors. The imperialist is justified in their own mind doing this, because they are not doing anything wrong, they refuse the label of oppressor the same way they refuse to acknowledge they are actively working towards the subjugation of the people. The question could be asked, if the oppressor genuinely thinks he is not doing any wrong, that is not the same as the those who are fully aware of their actions and actively opposing the progression of the African people and other oppressed peoples so cannot be considered in the same category and treated in the same manner, that is an egregious distinction. For one, this type of oppressor is wilfully ignorant, they are duplicitous and ultimately their goal is the same. These type of people are the truest enemies, the hidden imperialist, working behind the scenes to perforate their sinister machinations. They will attempt to infiltrate the revolutionary groups proclaiming solidarity, and many will accept them not seeing them for the insidious spies they are, because they proclaim they are liberals. 


All of these types of liberals are actually imperialists, they are using the disguise of liberalism so they are not excluded from socially progressive movements they know are potentially revolutionary, why do they not want to be excluded? Because they know that ultimately these progressive movements are actually beneficial to them and their descendants, they don't want posterity to view them negatively. Even in its disguised manner, It is another one of the organized imperialist's excellently planned and calculated tactics which must be recognised, killing the cub before it grows into a lion and if that fails integrating oneself into the pack. 


This type of imperialist must also be recognised for their remarkable level of subterfuge, they have managed to convince so much of the world of their peaceful and harmless good intentions, they have dulled the knives and blunted the pens of innumerable revolutionaries. They are the same people who ask the question, why treat the ignorant in the same way as the oppressor? That type of question, coming from such a source, makes clear one of their aims, that we will leave them alone so they can infiltrate and destroy our progressive groups, it also becomes clear how they have made fools of us. In conjunction with the open imperialists, they go to work on the weak minded, easily controlled and still blossoming revolutionaries, preventing them from growing into true seekers of reform and instead persuading them to become victims of materialistic capitalism. Adding up the numbers, these victims and their victimizers effectively end up simply crowding out the socially progressive groups. They have convinced the masses of the extreme radicalism of the socially progressive groups and created this morphed form of normal that the people now believe in, or at least are unwilling to not believe in, and lacking the motivation to do something about. A simple comparison is taking someone that is unhealthily obese, you would advise them for their own health and good to lose weight, in this morphed reality rather than help them lose weight, they would be told losing weight is a radical directive and instead they should remain obese, keep spending more money on food etc because its all good.

Over the last 1000 years Britain has conquered and subdued more people than any other nation, it would be disingenious to say this has had no effect on the British people, it has produced some of the most vehement imperialists the planet has ever seen, but it has also produced some of the most committed humanists. Almost inevitably, it has produced a middle class that exposes the two faced-ness of the modern moderate liberal more successfully than anywhere else. When we treat history from the viewpoint of the conqueror, we are told how Britain brought about the liberation of untold numbers of backwards peoples, brought religion and civilization, infrastructure and technology, vastly improving the lives of the natives. What was the role of these liberals on the British isles while their contemporary explorers where civilizing the world, did they stand by idly as millions were dispossessed? They did not! They supported and prompted the government forward in it's ever expanding empire as they invaded more and more sovereign lands, they sustained the imperialist prerogative, yet history would rather view them as a transparent layer in society with no blame, shame or praise. Instead, the armies, generals, explorers, kings and queens are where all the attention is placed. Evidently the power lies in the hands of the people, yet only the capitalists seem to truly recognise this and thus do everything they can to keep the people subdued. 


Unfortunately, due to the docile nature of the subdued, we end up with a huge impotent section of society in modern Britain. This impotent section is not the imperialist liberals, it is the future revolutionary base, the liberals are fully aware of their power, just as they were 400 years ago during the pilgrimages to the Americas and the subsequent revolutionary war with Britain. Today's liberal is the same as the imperialist who supported the subjugation of half the world through the British empire, and they have now managed to convince the descendants of those same subjugated people once again of their innocent and purely beneficial goals. To believe them is the pinnacle of backwardness, it is often the slaves taken to the Americas and middle east were backwards, but with all the resources available to them, the modern subjugated mind is the most backward of all! Do not defend these liberals, they can defend themselves and prove themselves if they are not really imperialist.


So, the present state of Britain, consists of confused and ambiguous class relations, a torn up revolutionary base, and an unnaturally docile youth with no leadership to awaken them from their slumber. Similiar situations are occurring around Europe, and to an extent globally, often in different context but always with the oppressor classes having the same goal. Only through the education of the African people, the African diaspora, and the realisation of black conciousness can we change this. Such a momentous shift in balance, were Africa, known globally as a dominated and downtrodden people, to awaken from their slumber, would jolt the oppressed masses throughout the continents into an unstoppable force determined to overcome the imperialist systems.

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