There's some good white people

Young women protesting against Donald Trump at rally.

There's some good white people, this is the most common sentiment that is expressed by black people whenever the subject of white people (of European descent) is brought up. Before long, they are outright rejecting any notion that white people may have even a hint of malice and soon turn defensive when any type of comment, negative or positive is said about white people. This is the essence of the African in Europe problem, in the eyes of black Europeans (as I will now refer to them) they are defending themselves because they have come to view themselves on a common platform with whites, as equals. The thought of labelling all white people creates a feeling of embarrassment and produces negative connotations in their minds, it causes them to view themselves as lower, morally, than white people. This perception is fabricated on the basis that their liberal white friends or colleagues do not label them as black, with all the stereotypes that comes with being black, instead they judge them as individuals just like they do their fellow white Europeans. 


In reality these negative labelling ideas come from the European media's injection of reverse racism, anti equality, lack of capability, need a helping hand propaganda. They are trying to destroy the African peoples pride and dignity by making us think that labelling, that is, the labels attached to him or her as an African, requires positive discrimination to allow advancement in life, then, rather than putting this into effect, they instead discriminate, creating a perfect storm in which to destroy our morale. Significantly, due to the subversive nature in which these maneuvers are carried out, we are often not even able to recognize the processes that are taking place. A second, self capitulation (for Africans) labelling tactic is in attempting to make the African recollect what they would like us to think of as racist labelling by dominant black historic figures, Malcolm X's use of the term 'white devils' or Marcus Garvey's 'Negro Association' come to mind. Again, the intention here is to discredit these black figures as out of date and racist, thus reducing the possibility of the African having any pride in them, creating a cyclical effect of lack of pride in one self. We must not forget, everywhere the white man has been, he has brought about destruction and annihilation to the native people and their culture through these methods of self capitulation.

These things are clear to see, the Europeans and Arabs enslaved the African for 400 years, exterminated the native Americans , and continually ran campaigns against any people that tried to free themselves from the white man's leash. They then instituted multiple racist laws for another hundred years through colonialism, segregation and apartheid, and today continue to enforce racism with their neo-colonialist and imperialist exploitation and oppression. The failure of Africa to effectively oppose this should be every black man's burden, but it isn't, because too many of us have failed to even see it, yet alone assume responsibility. 


Despite all of this, the black European not only feels it is necessary to defend white men, but actually aspires to become just like them. Psychologists have long recognized this as the oppressed mentality, where the oppressed seeks to imitate the oppressor, the oppressor class has long since known this, nonchalantly leaving the oppressed to linger in their ignorance. These are tactics of social and cultural warfare, many of those 'good' white liberals recognize it, but won't do anything to stop it unless it's in their interest, and generally, considering the African does not recognize it, it is not in their interest. They do not see any benefit in working against their fellow brothers and sisters for an ignorant people.  

A change of tact is deemed necessary once the black European recognizes this duplicity, the white liberal imperialist realizes they can use this type of black European to push whatever agenda the imperialist seeks, but it will not be in the white man's name, it is in the name of and for the black people. These are the 'lackeys' that Thomas Sankara so often referred to as anti-revolutionary Africans. This black European now becomes merely a pawn to the white European, doing his bidding because he believes the white European is working for his cause. Yes, some of these white people have taking up arms and sacrificed dearly, supposedly for the black man, but there is always an end goal and it is rarely in the hope that the black man will take up arms, physically and mentally, actively organizing and preparing ourselves for a just and righteous cause against our oppressors and their exploitative system. The European will push and persuade that this is exactly what they are trying to do, teach and allow the African to obtain the tools to fight back for himself. On the contrary, it is actually a subtle tactic to gain credibility amongst the black populace that are aware of their oppression, imperialist white Europeans do not believe the African black man has the required level of black consciousness to surely do it anyway, as John Brown (one of the few white men in history to genuinely seek a liberated African people) found out to his disappointment when he tried to create a black slave uprising. Ultimately, the result is that the black man fails to oppose his oppressors in any significant way and instead decides to keep relying on the good nature of white people. The white man continues to preach patience, the black man, submissive as ever, heeds their call. 

An explanation

There are two prevalent explanations for this 'lack of action' docile mentality, the history of slavery gives us a glimpse into the mindset that allows Europe to prosper at the expense of Africa. The first explanation is that the modern black mentality today is the same as that of the slave 300 years ago. This mentality induces ideas such as "I'm going to get mine, regardless of the harm to my people", "there is no greener grass than the lands inhabited by Europeans" and "experiments in Africa have failed compared to European systems so their is no point in pursuing anything that works to benefit Africa". All of these have some merit, but they all have the same failing, the fatal flaw of reliance on white people and a lack of comprehension of the capitalist system. No path to African progression that relies primarily on white people to aid Africa can succeed. No path to African progression that fails to comprehend, account for, and concretely deal with the capitalist economic oppression of Africa can succeed it brining Africa out of its rut of imperialist domination or black people from under the thumb of the white man.


The second explanation is simply ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance comes first, education can remove the ignorance, at that point if the black European or African still insists on the defense and superiority of the white European people then it certainly has to be attributed to stupidity. This stupidity can manifest itself in many different ways, must commonly greed, materialism and self capitulation, it can also commonly been seen in an indomitable belief in the goodness of white people, no matter what is thrown at this type of black man, he will keep believing in the civilized good will and nature of the white man. As the native American Shunka Witko (Fool Dog) once said "I am an Indian and am looked on by the whites as a foolish man; but it must be because I follow the advice of the white man."

For the progressive African the solution to these problems and dilemmas start with four words, black consciousness, black nationalism, they are intertwined and inseparable, one always leads to the other. Together they generate a level of self awareness, this self awareness of oneself and the black peoples condition will overcome the imperialist and neo-colonial blockers to African progression, leading to the establishment of a black African mentality that will not suffer from the fragility of centuries of self capitulation but one that will only grow in strength as it works towards the accomplishment of African equality. 

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